Greymar Partners was founded with the singular focus of providing highly professional valuation and investment banking advisory services to privately-held companies.  

Greymar Partners was founded by Enrique Mayer, ASA after a 20-year run as an equity valuation analyst with a private equity firm, senior financial analyst with Qualcomm Personal Electronics (a joint venture between Qualcomm and Sony), Manager of Valuation Services with a nationally-recognized valuation firm, and Managing Director of Investment Banking and Valuation Services with an award-winning Wall Street investment banking firm. 

Mr. Mayer has served as an investment banker and valuation advisor to publicly-traded and privately-held company owners, directors, advisors, and investors for most of his 30-year professional career.  Over his 30-year career, he has gained a deep level of understanding about the theory and concept of “value”, including what creates value and how to measure it accurately.  In addition, Mr. Mayer has earned an impeccable reputation for technical competence, ethical standards, and old-fashioned customer service. 

The firm’s guiding principle and commitment is to remain true to the highest level of ethics and standards.



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