Greymar Partners is a specialized valuation and transaction advisory boutique dedicated to the unique needs of privately-owned companies.   

Greymar Partners was initially founded in 2001 as a valuation specialty firm.   Over time, as a result of our transaction background and significant experience and expertise in performing transaction valuations, we evolved by adding transaction and strategic advisory services—with a focus on the needs of private companies.

We bring together the combined expertise of a network of senior-level business valuation experts and transaction advisors with decades of experience and a track record that includes over 1,000 business, securities, and investment valuations and over $1 billion worth of corporate finance transactions.

Greymar Partners is a California-based firm with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego.  However, we serve a national and international client base.   

Contact us to learn more about our team, our experience and expertise, and how we can partner with you to achieve your financial, strategic, and transaction objectives.


Los Angeles: (213) 233-1100    |     San Diego: (858) 964-1985    |    San Francisco: (415) 745-3035