We work closely with business owners to identify, evaluate, select, design, and implement successful exit and liquidity strategies.

Eventually, whether by choice or necessity, all owners of privately-held companies must leave the company they built.  Studies show, and our experience confirms, that business owners who invest in exit and liquidity planning well ahead of an exit or liquidity event achieve far superior results than those who don’t.  Doing nothing about the inevitable future exit from the business and being reactive instead of proactive is usually the costliest “strategy” a business owner will “implement”.

At Greymar Partners, we work with proactive business owners long before an exit or liquidity transaction takes place.  Our goal is to provide our clients with clarity regarding their exit and liquidity options and implement successful exit and liquidity strategies designed to meet their specific objectives and maximize value upon an exit or liquidity event.

Our goal is not merely to implement strategies correctly, but to implement the correct strategies that meet our clients' objectives.


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