In order to provide the most accurate valuation opinions and sound advice to our clients, we pursue an industry-focused strategy.

Our professionals not only possess significant experience as advisors to companies in our focus industries, but also “inside” experience as executives in and owners of companies operating in these industries.  In our opinion, nothing can replace the insight and profound relevant knowledge and expertise gained by owning, working in, and advising companies within a specific industry.  Our core industries include:

Food & Beverage

Our food & beverage clients include the full gamut of companies operating in this industry including restaurants, confectionaries, bakeries, food and beverage processors, wholesalers, and distributors, brewers, food trucks, grocery stores, and restaurant supply companies.

Financial Services & Investment Companies

Our financial services & investment company clients include firms that provide financial services to individuals and businesses including finance companies, factoring companies, investment banking firms, investment management firms, RIAs, and insurance firms as well as private equity groups and investment holding companies with portfolios consisting of real estate and equity securities.  Our expertise in the financial industry includes providing advice on corporate and shareholder transactions and rendering valuation and fairness opinions for transaction, strategic planning, estate planning, and financial reporting purposes.

Business Services

The success of business services companies depends on the success of other companies across industry sectors.  Businesses, small and large, require a wide range of services in order to keep their businesses operating.  Our business services clients include, but are not limited to, building, property, and facilities maintenance, management, and restoration companies; contract manufacturers; consulting and professional services firms; payroll and  staffing companies; IT firms; engineering firms; logistics, packaging, trucking, and freight forwarding companies; and companies that provide a range of business supplies.


The automotive industry includes companies that design, manufacture, distribute, sell, maintain, repair, and improve automobiles and automobile parts.  Our automotive clients include auto dealerships, maintenance, and repair shops, collision repair companies, automakers, and automotive OEMs.

High-Tech Manufacturing

We have gained extensive experience and expertise advising a wide range of companies that design, manufacture, distribute, and sell scientific and analytical instruments, tools and equipment, and other high-tech components, as well as job shops that specialize in high-tech products used in a wide range of applications.


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